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These excellent information resources and food purveyors are recognized by many food professionals. Most companies sell at retail and wholesale, have online catalogues, and will ship.

If you have a favorite resource or you are the source for quality products, please let your fellow cooks know about this. Please send us an email with the company name and website and we will review your submission for placement here. To avoid spam e-mails, recommended sites will be reviewed for content. Only sampled products that meet our high standards are added to the list. Thanks!


Fresh Produce

Imperfect Produce
Not everything in life looks perfect. Who doesn’t have a wrinkle, blemish, or bad hair day? Order fresh seasonal produce with lots of character, nutrition, and great flavor. End food waste.

Meats and Poultry

Bo Bo Poultry
One of the best.

D’ Artagnan
Excellent source for meats, game, poultry, duck, and charcuterie.

Heritage Foods USA
Heritage Foods USA – 100% pasture raised heritage breeds. As they say, “Gastronomy Starts on The Farm”. Read about the devoted farmers who work with Heritage Foods. Learn about breeds, products, and restaurants who purchase from this company. You can stock your own kitchen with some of the best food available in the USA.

Niman Ranch
Niman Ranch supports the nation’s largest network of family farmers and ranchers. Products are all-natural meats raised by small family farmers committed to sustainable and humane practices.

The Livestock Conservancy
Help save Heritage Breeds.


Italy’s Artisan Pastifici – These trusted pasta producers are among Italy’s best.   

Benedetto Cavalieri





For lovers of salumi, import regulations often prevent us from enjoying cured salami, hams, and sausages on a regular basis. The following companies are based in the USA and  produce excellent salumi. Founded and operated by Italians who learned this culinary art in Italy, their products are a bite of Italian lusciousness.


La Quercia

'Nduja Artisans Salumeria


Salumeria Biellese



The Non-GMO Project
The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices.



The National Aquaculture Association
The National Aquaculture Association provides good reference for anyone concerned about the production of marine and freshwater organisms under controlled conditions. This topic should be of concern to anyone who consumes seafood. Much of the seafood sold in the USA is imported from countries with questionable aquaculture practices and very poor hygiene conditions. The NAA sponsors Culinary Education Workshops for chefs, retailers, teachers, and healthcare providers.

Wild American Shrimp and American Shrimp Processors Association
Wild American Shrimp and American Shrimp Processors Association. Information on why purchasing wild American shrimp is preferable to shrimp raised in foreign aquaculture where addition of antibiotics and chemicals is commonplace. Their processing plants often have sub-standard health conditions, too. Since shrimp is the most popular seafood, learn what to buy for maintaining your health.

Marine Stewardship Council
Marine Stewardship Council. Certified sustainable seafood information. Select a country to learn what MSC labeled seafood is available in your country. Support fisheries that help protect resources.

Sustainable America
Make an impact. Initiatives, services, and great resources.

Sustainable Table
Grace Communications Foundation, ecocentric, sustainable agriculture food policy and economics.




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