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A Room with a View

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Egypt - Luxor - A Room with a View

The capital of Luxor Governorate in Upper Egypt, Luxor is a city of half a million residents with hundreds of thousands of tourists arriving to see Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, and much more. Of course, everyone wants a "hotel room with a view". More are being built. A truly beautiful city, Luxor is easy to navigate. Residents are most welcoming to anyone wishing to experience modern, daily culture. With more than 4000 hours of annual sunshine, you can imagine the brilliant blue skies, swaying palms, and slight breeze making most days ideal for sight-seeing.


  • Africa - Egypt - Luxor - Ladies enjoying a picnic - IMG_7325 - 1170 pixels - 2
  • Cultural Symbol: The Unfinished Building
  • Travel - Africa - Egypt - Luxor - Irrigation System
  • Egypt - Luxor - The January Sugarcane Harvest
  • Egypt - Luxor - At the Stop Sign
  • Travel - Africa - Egypt - Luxor - Fresh Alfalfa
  • Egypt - Luxor - Public Drinking Water
  • Africa - Egypt - Luxor - Hookah Pipes
  • Travel - Africa - Egypt - Luxor - The Neighborhood Butcher Shop
  • Luxor - The Souk: Shopping for Spices
  • Egypt - Luxor - A Room with a View


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