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Hookah Pipes

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Africa - Egypt - Luxor - Hookah Pipes

At many cafes and restaurants, offering an amenity of public hookahs or Argilah water pipes has dual purpose. Providing comfortable outdoor surroundings to engage in this important social custom is appreciated by patrons as well as by owners as revenues increase. Sharing a hookah with friends is a popular way to meet and catch-up on all of the news during a mid-day rest or after a meal.

Flavored sweetened tobacco, called Mu'assel, is a mixture of tobacco, molasses, sometimes honey, and/or vegetable glycerol. Customers choose from traditional flavors including apple, guava, lemon, vanilla, or mint, to gummy bear, red melon, or spiced Chai. Tobacco manufacturers continually dream up enticing new flavors. Heat up the mix using a charcoal pod. The vapors pass through the basin before inhalation. Traditionally, the basin is filled with iced water. Increase intensity by substituting fruit juice or tea for water using the same flavor as the tobacco mixture. When the weather is balmy with a light breeze, enjoying the hookah, music, and nibbles extend late into the evening or early morning hours.


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