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Burrata di Andria
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Mozzarella is made throughout Italy. Burrata di Andria, mozzarella stuffed with more mozzarella, is a specialty of Apulia, and is made in the municipalities of Andria and Martina Franca. Usually made with cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk, or a mixture of both, mozzarella is a pasta filata cheese, meaning after the curd is formed and allowed to rest, it is re-worked in a hot water bath and pulled like taffy to smooth it out. Then a large nugget is stretched thin to make a small pouch. Strands of mozzarella made from the whey and mixed with cream are stuffed into this pouch. The thin mozzarella shell encapsulates the filling. It is closed, tied, and briefly immersed in a brine bath to seal. When purchasing Burrata di Andria, look for a soft pouch with top knot that is tied, as in the photo.
                                                                                                                                                                               Burrata - Stuffed with Mozzarella and Cream

Burrata di Andria is a fantastic fresh cheese. With its nutritious content, serve it anytime of the day, slightly cool or room temperature. All you need are some vegetables, some ripe tomatoes, and grilled bread for a superb meal that satisfies bite-after-bite.

How I wish you could taste this photo! Imagine gelato with its creamy, fresh milk flavor. If a cheese could become gelato, it would be Burrata. It is the benchmark for mozzarella-based cheese, and is unforgettable.




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