Mary Beth Clark

Culinary Educator · Consultant · Author

La Tur
la tur, italian cheese, white bloomy rind cheese, triple milk cheese,

In northern Italy, some of the best cheeses are triple-milk cheeses, made with a combination of cow, sheep, and goat’s milk. If you love creamy cheese with a white bloomy-rind and layers of flavor, La Tur is the cheese for you. With expert blending of these three milks, La Tur does not overwhelm with assertive sheep or goat taste but does have a slightly chalky texture. There is hint of both milks mixed in with the smoothness of cow's milk.

From award-winning Caseificio dell’ Alta Langa in the Alta Langa area in Piedmont, this bloomy-rind cheese is a bit firm when under-ripe and tastes great when served this way. If you prefer, wait a few days for the cheese to mature. When you can easily press into the rind and the edges become soft, it is ripe with a soft and creamy mousse-like texture. It’s like inhaling a cloud. Pour some prosecco, split open a ripe fig, peach, nectarine, or pear, and enjoy a bit of Piemontese heaven.



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